d.i.y.friday ~ Make a 2 Bucket Garden


Bad dirt? Surrounded by pavement? Live in a dry area? Want to just do something new and fun?

Grab 2 buckets – you’re going to build your own bucket garden!

Thanks to the 2 Brothers from globalbuckets.org for the easy DIY that literally could change the way food is grown and help with world hunger!! I love what they are about!!

Benefits of the 2-bucket system:
1) 50% to 80% reduction in water usage.
2) 100% reduction in weeds…never pull a weed or use herbicides.
3) Once planted, very little attention is required.
4) Foolproof: People with very little training (like us!) can reap bountiful harvests.
5) All you need are a few square meters of space…even rooftops, industrial wastelands, etc

What do you think? Could you handle the hole drilling?

These guys drew some instructions:

Drawing of 2 Buckets

Max & Grant recommend making your own growing medium (dirt in the bucket) and they offer several recipes on globalbuckets.org; along with fertilizer instructions and ideas on watering!

Here’s the recipe I will probably go with:

Recipe #1: Sphagnum Peat
70% Sphagnum Peat
20% Vermiculite
10% Perlite


They even explore other methods similar reusing plastic bottles, colanders and even cloth shopping grocery totes!

Plants don’t need much – they will even grow in a bag!!

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2 Replies to “d.i.y.friday ~ Make a 2 Bucket Garden”

  1. Oh Man, plants in a bag! Seeds will grow anywhere…remember, plants really want to grow!

    Have you ever seen the film “Truck Farm”? If not, check it out, it’s a short documentary about a farm in the bed of a pickup truck. I saw the filmmaker speak a few years ago. He said he knows that the idea of farming in pick up truck beds is not going to save the world in terms of food sources, but it does inspire people to think about the strange places where they CAN produce food and herbs. In classroom tours, the truck farm lessons included getting kids to plant in crazy places. Some of them that he told us about were really cool. Broken globes cut in half, tennis balls, old shoes, hollowed out books.

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