d.i.y.friday ~ Make a Face Mask with Wine, Honey & Yogurt (anti-aging) 

Alexis Wolfer is my girl today!

I’ve borrowed her awesome book from the library – again – it’s so good!!

I’d like to steal it but the librarians will know it’s me lol

The diy’s are doable, and, the recipes – delicious!!!

I don’t know how a girl could read this book and not want to pamper herself ~ omgosh, really fabulous stuff in here.

Thanks so much for the inspiration Alexis! And the Twitter/Instagram laugh (twittergram? Lol)

#recipe #roasted #watermelon #beautybean #bodycare #alexiswolfer

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Seriously, just take a second and try to imagine roasting watermelon lol

(welcome to my world)

And here is an amazing face mask, that I would be more than happy to buy a bottle of wine for 🙂

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