d.i.y.friday ~ Make a Rag Rug

I’m not even sure HOW I haven’t done this one yet!!  All this personal hooking I’ve done this week, making a circular rug for our living room, has gotten many people interested in the craft and wondering what exactly is required.

The first thing, is that there are countless ways to doing them – that’s for sure!  It’s best to become inspired and then dive right in and screw one up as quick as you can.  BEST way to learn!!

Here’s a musical video that can get you started, at least entertaining the idea of making one yourself –

^and just a lil’ for your info ~ I’ve made some using that stitch above with success, but I really LOVE the look of just using a chain stitch the whole way through…

Working diligently here & hoping my next blog post is me cooing how done done DONE I am with making my rug!!

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