d.i.y.friday ~ Make a Seed Tape for Garden Planting



Okay, I’ll just admit this right away – I pretty much stink at being a farmer and my gardening skills usually just involve me tossing some seeds here & there and wishing them luck.

And a lot of times, that works out just dandy for me. ¬†But for something new, I thought I’d actually plan out a little bed just for carrots – and get the spacing just right with a seed tape.

Carrots, all in a row – I’m excited!!

Putting radishes in between your carrots is a great idea because they grow so fast and will be in and outta there by the time your carrots need extra room to fatten up. Consider them place holders ūüôā

Rosemary also goes nice with carrots so I have a start of that to go into the middle of the bed. Sage in the corners would be cool too but can’t seem to find the funding for the greens this season. Oh snap.

Look for my carrot bed pictures this weekend ~ Enjoy yours!!

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