d.i.y.friday ~ Make Bulletproof {aka BUTTER} Coffee


Yooohooo! Guess who had her coffee today???

I know it seems a little strange to follow up with a drink more water post with a coffee post but that’s just how it is folks. It only takes one day of caffeine withdrawal headaches to nip that shizzle in the butt.


Sooo – Bulletproof Coffee! Add a little butter, some coconut or MCT oil, perhaps some cinnamon or vanilla and GIVE IT A WHIRL in the Vitamix and you are good to go. For real, you should be good with this! And if this Bulletproof coffee doesn’t do the trick, might I suggest crack cocaine? Because if this recipe doesn’t make you happy, that’s where you’re headed lady!!


Sounds yummy eh?

Or you can also make this homemade latte Zen style 🙂


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