d.i.y.friday ~ Make Cookie Cutters

Did you ever think of making your own cookie cutter shapes?

I’m guessing no – and I didn’t really either until last week on pinterest, i saw this!!


Then seriously, a whole new cookie cutter shape world opened up for me!! Now even though I bet you could find every type online (because I’ve actually seen penis & boob shape ones, lol) Making your own shapes could be fun!

Since I’ve been running with this idea for a week, I’ll have a few too many videos to post because I can’t pick my favorite. Each one you learn something more – You can use aluminum from a soda can, disposable pan or buy a sheet of metal from the hardware store. Tools can range from pliers to molding it around a cylinder shape or a pen. I like the techniques that protect you a bit from the razor sharp aluminum, like folding the sharp edge under or hot gluing around the top where your fingers press down.

I’m still studying the few different ways you attach the cutter together when you’ve completed your shape – a continuous shape is pretty important for sturdiness & being able to reuse your cookie cutter creation.

Good end of times skill to have – I mean can you imagine the Apocalypse without having the ability to design a special zombie attack cookie?? It’d be a huge downer for sure, so watch & learn!!!

Want to give this idea to someone as a cool d.i.y. gift ??

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