d.i.y.friday ~ Make Earth Paints

Earth Day plans this year include helping clean up my local community and doing a hands on activity with my littles – Making & Creating with Earth Paints!!

This is a fantastic recipe from Shoshanna at The Bulk Herb Store!

Earth Paints Recipe

1 Egg White
3 Tablespoons Beet Root Powder
2Teaspoons Bentonite Clay Powder

After removing the yolk, lightly beat the egg white. Add the powders and mix thoroughly. Use this recipe with several different herb powders to create a rainbow of organic color. Some of my favorites to use are Turmeric, Mustard, Spirulina, Black Walnut, Bilberry, Beet Root Powder, and Red Henna Powder. If you would like to keep the paint long term, substitute glycerin for the egg whites.

Now go get your hands dirty and create a masterpiece!

Happy Earth Day!

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