d.i.y.friday ~ Make Egg Shell Calcium Powder for Your Teeth


How quick a week goes! Another Friday, another DIY 🙂

Today, instead of tossing out your eggshells – make a homemade calcium powder supplement!!


Yeehaw!! Now, you are living!!

Why? Why?? Why eggshells!!!???

Well, just to be weird. And frugal. And because your body and your teeth will thank you!! I Loved the article on La Healthy Living!!

Here’s a testimonial from Something Dani ~

And what do you think about the comfrey root?? I have some growing in my yard, do you?

Here’s the dental plan recap:

– put some tea tree on that floss for gum health
– do oil pulling with coconut oil or black oil
– eat some damn egg shells
– swish with comfrey root tea
– love your self (remedy for everything)


Comfrey in flower with a bumble bee butt flying away, look close… Yep, there it is.

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