d.i.y.friday ~ Make Holiday Bath Soaks & Exfoliating Body Scrubs



I am all about handmade holidays, making your own beauty products, and – having soft skin!!

So these diy recipes are simple and sound like they smell so good. I think you should definitely make these gifts for yourself at the start of the Christmas season!

Yes!!! This week be selfish 🙂 Always give to YOU first!!

Lol, it’s just like the oxygen mask on an airplane – how can you help someone else exfoliate if you are a walking callus!!???

ok, I may have just made that up – but seriously, give yourself the gift of a really soft tush this holiday season. You deserve it.

1:26 – Choco-Wow Wake-Up Scrub
3:31 – Rosemary Lemon Spa Soak
8:10 – Gingerbread YUM-ble Scrub
11:05 – Spa Lemon Scrubblebubble

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