d.i.y.friday ~ Make Homemade Pore Strips

Nose strips. Most everyone I know has tried these – even guys! Perhaps it was a double dare or a “connecting moment” with the girl friend, but you’ve done it.

I like them. They are gross.

But they are totally expensive and probably not natural – so make your own!!

Homemade pore strips generally use only 2 ingredients – something sticky (gelatin or vegan xanthum gum) plus milk or water. Maybe add some lemon juice if you want. I guess you can also make some with egg whites but, I like to eat my eggs and not wear them. Suit yourself though – no judgments here!

Two videos! First, one with gelatin and then a vegan-friendly version to follow. On the fence & don’t care either way? I say try them both and see which one works best!

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