d.i.y.friday ~ Make Soap with Lard & Lye



Every time I hear the word lard, I immediately follow it in my mind with the word ass.

Bad habit I guess.

So I made some soap this week!  Lavender soap!  (yep, lard ass lavender soap, lol)

It was actually VERY easy!!  Just got to be careful working with the lye and then have lots of patience waiting for the 200 degree chemical to cool down, like freaking hours!!  OH, and then be ready to stir it for at least an hour, unless you have a stick hand mixer that you don’t mind sacrificing to the craft.  If I intend on doing this again & again, I will definitely buy a cheapo for the task!

Other than all that – a great homesteading milestone for me!!  And, all my goodness, does the house smell so good with this soap curing in the living room!!  (4-6 weeks)

If you ever do give this diy recipe a try, make sure you mix that lye outside and DO NOT breathe it in one bit – it’s nasty nasty shizzz.

I used this recipe from Mother Earth News!

And, I found lots of guidance from Emme of Naughty goat soaps with this video:



I captured a few pictures!  Here’s waiting for the lye to cool down:


Here’s Boom Boom thinking this melted lard was for him.  Nope, sorry jerk face.

Here’s stirring:



Stirring, stirring, stirring:


And more stirring.

Then I was too tired to even think about taking anymore pictures until 24 hours later when I popped the soap out of the freezer paper lined casserole dish and cut it into bars:

And now we wait….

It has to finish the saponifiying process of saponification or something 🙂

Just let it sit Sadie!!!

Although, I do keep walking by the bars, happily enjoying the lovely smell of lavender soap in the air ~ no evidence left of the lard or ass.

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