d.i.y.friday ~ Make St. John’s Wort Herbal Medicines


I hit an herbal milestone this summer by successfully identifying & harvesting St. John’s Wort here in Western PA and was so pleased how EASY it was to make an herbal tincture and an oil.  They are both still brewing & I’m waiting patiently for them to be done!


St Johnny Joan’s Wort is good for so many things!  I like it because it is anti-viral and a mood booster!  The oil will be good for achy muscles & burns.  The tincture (made in 100 proof vodka) will be good for my frazzled nerves – ahem, not that THAT ever happens!

Watch these videos featuring some of my favorite herbalists to learn more about this herb! Thank you Yarrow, Susun Weed & DandyLion!!

Photo captures from my herb walk and tincture making:

St. John’s along with red clover & yarrow – and a dead butterfly, above, and below, spotted it alongside the road with a very tall and pointed topped herb, mullein.



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Update: New podcast 🙂 Saint John’s Wort for Your Cranky Butt!!

And pretty much everything else too!! From fighting off depression, healing nerves, killing viruses, reducing inflammation AND protecting you from evil spirits lol – I AM IN LOVE with this magical herb and how it could help EVERYONE.

Saint John’s Wort for Your Cranky Butt by Sadie Cherico-Martin on Mixcloud

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