d.i.y.friday ~ Oil Cleansing at Night to Clean Pores


And soften skin.
And moisturize.
And balance your skin’s oil production.
And rid your face of blackheads and pimples.

Using oil to wash your face may sound odd BUT I have been LOVING it!!

I’ve found a couple videos to demonstrate how this is done, but basically:

– Rub oil on your face
– Steam with a hot washcloth
– Buff out with little gentle circles

These girls tell you to use a combo of castor & olive or almond oil.
I personally JUST USE olive oil and am totally satisfied with it.
Would coconut oil work? Probably so ~
Will I try castor oil soon? Umm yeah, of course!
I’m always curious ūüôā

So try the oil cleansing method tonight
and let me know what you think!

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