d.i.y.friday ~ Re-Make Sweaters into Hats, Scarves, Jackets, Mittens & Flowers

D.i.y. Friday!! Did You think I forgot? No way !! I know so many people who are having a love affair with sweaters & wool that I’ve scoured YouTube for these fabulous vids – to inspire both the seasoned crafters and new wool lovers… and yeah, me…. because without inspiration running rampant through my veins, I feel terrible without my craftiness. So let’s get it on!! Wasn’t she cute? I love her dresser in the dining room filled with felted wool!! ha! My kind of crafter for sure!! Hooray! Choppy scissor gang signs 🙂 Lots of Thread Banger Love!! And Tons of Katwise Love too… Crazy fun, eh? Whewh! I bet you are all hyper after that, so let’s chill a bit and make some woolen posies ~ yes! Sew flowers from felted wool!! I know, I bet you’re crying with handmade joy… Fun sweetness, indeed ~ Have a fabulous weekend & Let’s kick off the New Year – CRAFTY 🙂 Lots of Love ~ Sadie

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