d.i.y.friday ~ Start Your Tomato Seeds Indoors in Red Party Cups



It’s time for a seed party!!!  Regardless of where you live, it’s about time to get your seed starting full ON and tomato seeds are one of the first ones to start.  Lots of containers can be used – from cardboard egg cartons, to rinsed out yogurt containers, to Dixie cups, to red party cups!

The thing about the red party cups is that they are bigger so there’s no transplanting before the big day transplant, if ya know what I mean 😉 and you can add more soil as the plant grows to encourage new roots to grow.   Just remember to poke a hole in the bottom for drainage!

And then put those sturdy red party cups into an aluminum baking dish or whatever else! Maybe a jelly roll tray ~ just anything to catch the excess water.  On top of the refrigerator is a nice warm place to sprout – OR, a closet – and then when you see green, remove any plastic wrap covering, and move your seed babies to a light source.

Where are planning to grow your seedlings?   At a sunny window, or under a grow light?

Can you think of any other top tips for starting seeds indoors?

GrowVeg.com has a few ideas for you!

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  1. Great idea…we use old egg cartons and produce containers (like berry containers or salad mix containers) for a lot of our seed starting, especially flowers, herbs and onions.

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