Dear Diary, 16 December 2013


Dear Diary,

Christmas is less than 10 days away and I have definitely started writing off tasks and activities and filing them away, “for next year”. One probably being, holiday greeting cards.

I usually always give my local neighbors some of my handmade cheer with warm sweet handwritten wishes of kindness– but this year, I’m kinda like… Fuck it.

I’m not saying that I’m being all baahh humbug or hating on the big Ho Ho or anything – but maybe, just maybe, I am in that boat, with a bunch of other ornery folks, who if they see one more picture of an elf on Facebook, we are going to rip his ass down from the shelf & shove a candy cane up his naughty ass.

Just! Kidding!! Of course I’m in that other boat, with people who are going to bake baby Jesus a birthday cake. Duh.

Anyways Dear Diary, I’ve had a really great productive Monday – doing my usual domestic duty catch-up from the weekend attacking laundry, dishes, and vacuuming as always while having only one small tantrum that resulted in the mop being thrown in the yard.

Yeah, so I guess me mopping the hardwood floors a while back with a mixture of oil, vinegar, and lemon e.o. was a great idea for the floors – but not such a great idea for the mop which grew mold as it patiently waited in a bucket on the basement steps for me to use it again sometime.

Nope. I guess not. Out you go! Chucked straight off the porch. Holiday decorating, done.

Well, what can I say Dear Diary – I live a simple life, doing simple things, living only amongst a good dental intentioned elf, who hides secretly on the steps, un-noticed by techno-addicted children, who don’t really give a rip about the holidays except for the Aldi’s advent calendar chocolate they eat every morning and the fact that in less than 10 days, they get to get – some new stuff.


I am getting excited Dear Diary and I will admit, it’s not about the cookies or the caroling but mainly because, most of the new stuff the kids are getting in less than 10 days – Santa picked out because she wanted it for herself 🙂

Jolly times,


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