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Hooray!  This week we have a sponsor giveaway from Delicious Hobo who is gifting one lucky winner with a necklace called “The Modern Aztec Necklace”.   You could use this handmade piece as an awesome V-day gift for a special friend or if you’re like me and into self-love,  it would make a terrific gift for you!

Delicious Hobo creates amazing hand crafted jewelry and reconstructs vintage pieces too.  Visit her shop today because Love is On Sale!


To be entered in the giveaway for the Modern Aztec Necklace, visit, check out the fun goods and report back here with a comment to tell us your favorite one.

I’ll announce the winner right here on Sunday February 8th and mail this baby out to you hopefully in time for Love Day.  Good Luck!


And the lucky winner is… nanapigg!!

Thanks to everyone who entered.  Stay tuned for our next giveaway!

28 Replies to “Delicious Hobo Giveaway”

  1. I’d have to say my favorite piece is the one titled “Dead Trees Attract Wooden Birds”. All of the pieces are beautiful, artistic, and intriguing, though I find that particular piece to be the most visually and sentimentally appealing.

  2. I would have to say that my favorite is “Ch-Ch-Changes Tree Necklace” it is really an amazing piece of jewelery. This piece really represents the changes that happen not only in nature but in ones life as well. I am actually filling this out for my fiance who recently went through a divorce and is sort of starting over so to speak. With the winter side represented in just black and white and when you flip it over there is this fresh young looking tree that is vibrant and ready for a new beginning.. it speaks in volumes !!

    Peace and Love

  3. I too would have to say the Ch-Ch-Changes Tree Necklace. I have always been drawn to trees. I wear one around my neck at all times. To me the tree is a reminder that we are all connected. We all belong to each other. It is a reminder to me to take care of our planet and do what is right. I love the idea that the necklace has two sides to it representing change. I would definately wear this necklace!

  4. I LOVE the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock necklace by Delicious Hobo! The swirled clay makes it look like a beautiful piece of abalone or a dark turquoise. I love pieces that can be worn casually or elegantly, and this piece is simple and pretty, but still has an edge to it. 🙂

  5. The Emerald City is amazing… but so is the star and the moon.
    I’m torn between the two…….. I’ll choose the Emerald City Royalty as my favorite!

    Amazing pieces! Always sooo beautiful and unique. I want them all!! 🙂


  6. I love everything on the site! I guess my very favorite was the vintage necklace. I love anything that is, or looks vintage, and the necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to receive this for Valetine’s day…I hope my hubby is reading this!

  7. hi, i like the endeerment necklace, but my favorite was the elephant one. it is so cute. hope everyone has a great weekend!!

  8. I absolutely adore the CH-Ch-Changes necklace but also liked the Elephantastic necklace. I had never heard of Etsy before but I think their necklaces are original and affordable.

  9. The Vintage Flower Bouquet Necklace stands out to me the most. The flowers look like stars and have a very happy and eclectic feel. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  10. All of the necklaces are artistic and look amazing so it is hard to pick but I think my favorite is Dead Trees Attract Wooden Birds.

  11. There are s-o-o-o many beatiful choices, and it’s hard to decide, but I REALLY love the Emerald City Royalty pendant, with the Dragon’sEye a close second. I will definitely have to come shopping at Etsy soon!

  12. These are some of the most original pieces of jewelry that I have seen in along time. The artist is very talented. It is hard to pick a favorite but the sloth necklace has got to be mine. My nickname for my husband is the sloth because he acts like one alot-moving around very slowly and not doing much. I would nickname him the pig but it is already our real last name. These are great pieces to wear everywhere and I bet they are great conversation starters. Sooo much better than all the mass produced stuff you find. Good luck and big future to the artist.

  13. I just love the handmade shops at ETSY.This is the first time I have ever been to Delicious Hobo~but not the last.My favorite piece is the “Wear your heart on a bling” necklace.It would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. The red and black color and the black and silver chain is so pretty.The design is so unique. I love everything about it.I would tell hubby how much I like it and that it would make a great Valentine’s present…but,after being together for many,many years…he doesn’t get me presents anymore. The only way that I would get anything from the site is to buy it myself or win it. LOL

  14. Oh my, these pieces are just absolutely beautiful. I love the Vintage Flowers necklace and the Tree of Life pendant. But my favorites are the animal ones: the EnDEERing necklace, the Vampire Bear necklace, the Bashfull Bunny necklace, the Elephantastic necklace, the Courageous Lion necklace and the Smiling Sloth necklace. If I have to make a choice between them… it would be the Courageous Lion, because that is how I feel. I used to be very shy, but after changing my life drastically I feel like a lion 😉


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