Drink More Tea in 2009

Drinking more herbal tea (and less hot chocolate) is actually one of my personal resolutions. Oh, by the way, Happy New Year!

Did you have yourself a good celebration? If you were sipping on something a little stronger than Tulsi tea, you may have found yourself searching for a way to Get Over a Hangover Fast after your wild night. Personally, my lame old ass dropped before the ball did, but unlike a lot of folks, I woke up in 2009 feeling fairly refreshed and ready to go!


January’s Top Commentator will sipping on some herbal tea from Organic India, relieving stress as they relax with their hot mug of Tulsi.   Mmmmm… Just comment on the blog posts this month for your chance to win.  And remember, it’s totally cool to comment on older posts as well. We racked up over 20 pages of fabulous posts in 2008 so I’m sure you can find something to sink your teeth into.

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tn48 All Natural Me Wants to Know – What are your resolutions for the new year?

6 Replies to “Drink More Tea in 2009”

  1. I LOVE drinking tea!! My husband tells me that I have to finish one box of tea before I’m allowed to buy any new boxes! 😛 ha ha ha. I also love drinking hot cocoa (I make my own mix using organic cocoa powder and turbinado sugar), so tea is definitely a healthier way to go.
    I’ve been really excited as this winter I’ve been able to get my four year old into drinking warm teas as well. It helped him through a nasty little winter bug and with the coughing that followed. So much healthier!

    1. Haha, I have to do that too, I always have too much tea to keep up with. People usually give me them as gifts too, so I’m drinking lots of tea now because of all the Christmas gifts I’ve received. My favorite that I’ve gotten this year is pomegranate green tea from Yogi Tea. Mmmm… 🙂

  2. Just curious: do y’all drink most of your tea cold or warm? I drink more iced tea than anything else. When I got pregnant with my oldest I gave up caffeine, including sugar in my tea ~ and at the time caffeine in my tea as well. I’ve never gone back to putting sugar in my tea, though I will drink tea with caffeine in it. I do tend to let my tea get to about room temperature before drinking, I don’t care for it too cold.
    I love blending teas for my iced tea though. Right now I’ve got a blend of Sassafrass tea and Goji Raspberry Green tea in the fridge. The sassafrass helps me with menstrual issues (given to me by my acupuncturist), though raspberry leaf tea is also wonderful for this. A lot of times I’ll blend a cherry tea (Cherry Jerry Garcia tea) with a British or Irish Breakfast tea.
    My favorite tea for drinking warm is Vanilla Maple from Celestial Seasonings. Ironically I can only find it in decaf.

    1. Oh I drink tea in any form. Hot, cold, unsweetened, sweetened, with fruit, and pretty much any flavor. I love tea. When I brew my own tea, whether I drink it hot or cold, I usually don’t add anything to it. Sometimes I’ll add honey, depending on the flavor of tea. If I go out I’ll get unsweetened tea (if they have it) or I’ll take whatever tea they have.

      Raspberry leaf tea does wonders for my cramps. I was surprised when I first tried it that it worked, because I know ginger and chamomile tea are also good for that. Ginger tends to especially help with an upset stomach, but because it’s so strong I have to dilute it a little with cold water. Chamomile seems to help with any discomfort I have, physical or mental.

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