Drug Reps Before Patients

There was a thread this week in the All Natural Me Myspace Group that contained a comment from a member who said, “When I do go to the doctor (which is rare) I end up having to wait for long periods of time because there is always a drug representative in the office. I have seen up to 3 of them there at one time, all of which went back to see the doctor before I did.  I can’t stand for someone to push the “latest and greatest” new drugs on me and I sure don’t like it when they push themselves into my appointment time!!!”

No doubt I thought, that would be annoying, as I had not yet experienced this one for myself.  Well… also this week, I had a prenatal check up.  So there we are, we including my 6 year old and my 14 month old, at the doctors and who do I see walk in as we are walking back to the exam room but 2 decent looking dudes in business suits wearing cheesy smiles.

Yep, you guessed it – Drug Reps!

I didn’t think anything about it until 25 minutes later when we, that includes the 2 little monkeys, were still waiting in the very small exam room.  Were we waiting patiently?  No, we were climbing all over the table, spinning on the doctor’s stool, trying to open canisters on the counter, standing on chairs and tearing up magazines among other unmentionables.   And suddenly, I thought of the lady who made the myspace comment and it was very clear to me that I was being made to wait a very long time because of the smiling well-dressed cheese ball pill pushers who were taking up my time by schmoozing my doctor with free samples, gifts, pens and maybe even lunch.  Humphfff!


NoFreeLunch.org has resources to find a promotion-free provider if your doctor happens to be addicted to drug reps, and if you’re a smarty pants looking to go to medical school, they can help you locate a promotion-free med school.

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  1. I had no idea about these guys…but it definitely explains a few things for me. That makes me angry that they come in and take up the patients’ time. People are ridiculous. I get so annoyed while waiting for an hour in the waiting room, then another 45 minutes in the actual room just for a 10 minute appointment with my doctor. Ugh.

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