4 Replies to “Earth Day Celebration 2010 Style”

  1. Today the kids watched some eco-themed cartoons (they get to watch during breakfast so I can actually get a shower!), we did laundry with detergent I made last night & hung the loads out to dry. Planted the rest of the potatoes. Set up some recycled 2 liter bottles for indoor carrot growing.
    Big surprise was that the new front porch furniture came today. It’s eco-friendly!!! 😀 It was cool to set it up on Earth Day and then hang out on it with friends this evening.
    Hope y’all’s day was just as good, it sounds like it was!! 😀

  2. Oh snap! lol Awesome comic. 😀 I planted red peppers from seeds I took out the pepper and dried myself. Can’t wait for them to grow! Happy Belated Earth Day!

  3. Sam – let me know how those peppers grow for you! I haven’t had the best luck with growing my own pepper seed harvest this year.

    And my next unlucky me question is for you Mama T – what type of soap do you use for your detergent? My batches keep on getting yuckier and yuckier.

    Also – COOL idea for the indoor carrot growing!! Are you blogging about this??

  4. Regarding laundry detergent – I use a batch of homemade soap that never saponified properly. Rather than toss it, I grate it up for laundry soap. Before I was using my homemade soap I used South of France soap (eco-friendly). I’ve never used Fels Naptha, but that is what most people use. The three basic ingredients are: grated soap, Borax, and Washing Soda. If you’re using baking soda in place of washing soda, that may be causing a problem – though I’ve added that to some of my detergent before without problem here, I’ve just read it can be a factor.

    Regarding the carrots – no, I’m not blogging about them .. at least not yet. Year before last (or so) we did a similar project using leftover bottles and grew basil & peppers. If they start to sprout and grow (I am wondering if my seeds aren’t getting too old), I’ll likely blog about it.
    I AM getting ready to blog about homemade ginger ale though! 🙂 http://www.mamataneyskitchen.blogspot.com 😉

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