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  1. Hi Sadie! I was wondering if you sell books from others, like if I was to send you my textbooks? I have a bunch of books from school, but I don’t think they buy them back because it’s an online school. I don’t expect any money from it, I just don’t need them anymore.

    1. Hola! How sweet of you to offer wasting your money to send them to me 🙂 I love you.

      I am actually thinking about getting out of the book reseller business (ha ha) because I’m ready to reclaim the shelf that these books are on. Yes, that is my true hidden agenda. Making space! My current quest (aka – what’s driving me freakin’ nuts) is to get rid of all this darn stuff around here. It’s excessive, totally out of control and ruining my Fung!

      So mucha gracious for thinking of me! You should do a little online search because you may be surprise who wants your books and then you can snag some moola for yourself and put it towards your student loan… or some new yoga stuff 🙂

      1. Thanks for the tips! I guess I could always just put them up on ebay or amazon. 🙂 And good luck with making space! Wish me luck too haha

  2. Sam,
    You could also try taking your books to your local library. We donate all of our old/unwanted books & magazines to them. They, in turn, sell them for a maximum of 25 cents, with proceeds going to the library. We’ve gotten some great books and magazines from them too!

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