Everyone is Grounded

Mama bear locked up all the devices – laptops & tablets & iPads & iPhones & whatever those other little doohickeys are called – Yep, ALL of them, put away for a technology detox period. 

It just seems like regularly we NEED to do this and it also seems like regularly someone screws up behavior enough to justify pulling the plug on screens until everyone can reset their life balance. 

Life balance meaning having ample plugged in time but still brushing your teeth and acknowledging books and going outside and looking at the food you are eating – you know, the stuff that gets forgotten about after you commit to your Netflix app. 

And do you know what always happens when Mama declares no device day (or week)???

Complaints.  Complaining happens. 

But THEN — drumroll —
the BEST day EVER happens. 

Reading happens. Painting happens. Conversations happen. Writing (hate letters to mom) happens. Playtime and dog time and bath time happens.

Life starts happening again!!! 


So while the troops may be restless tonight without their devices to lull them to sleep – at least the kids are groomed lol

And if they really can’t sleep (because they are feeling more alive than ever from being grounded & unplugged)…

Then they have lovely messed up played in rooms to clean!  Mama bear loves you, truly!!! 

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