Face Painting Skin Reaction

Over the weekend, my two daughters got their faces painted.

1 outta 2 kids had no complaints – the littlest bear had a severe reaction.

I found out after contacting the artist who painted her butterfly face, that acrylic paint was used.

After googling this on the Internet, I read that paint like that is never recommended for skin.

According to professional face painters online, only use cosmetic grade paints approved for the face.

Here’s what we are dealing with – suggestions for natural healing appreciated so we can hopefully avoid a steroid. Besides the groups of red patches, there are all these tiny tiny bumps and rough skin where the butterfly design was. Her little nose & cheeks, usually smooth, looks textured and inflamed 🙁

I just applied some of my whipped coconut oil butter to try to soothe it. What would you try?








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  1. Awe poor thing! The only suggestion I have is honey – not because I have any experience, though, but just because we use it as a cure-all in our house.

    1. Thank you! Chamomile is a great idea. I could have her dab it on with a cotton ball, which she would find fun!

      Milk would be soothing too – but of course, all the milk here just got turned into yogurt this morning! Not sure if that would be the same ~ or if it would sting the irritated skin?

      Maybe I will make some chamomile tea & mix it with some oat water and honey… Sounds good enough to eat 🙂

  2. Another possibility, although it involves medication, would be to try a liquid benadryl type medication. Your little one could take a some internally (and with liquid you can start with a tiny amount) or you can dab a bit on the face. If you try this, buy dye free. You might also try a bit of plantain leaf mashed up with water (or chewed a bit) and held against her cheek with a paper towel or cloth for a while. Some folks say egg white works well. These kind of little bumps are usually fluid filled and itchy. Are hers itching or burning? Sometimes they mercifully don’t have a sensation. Keeping them cool and dry, except during a treatment, seems to help. I had eczema for years, and my kids have issues. I sympathize!! Hope it’s all a dim memory soon.

    1. Great ideas – this rash definitely seems like it is heading down eczema lane 🙁 which yes, can take a long time to heal.

      Quiet Creek also suggested plantain on their fb page & we have lots in the yard right now! Used it last week on Ayden’s foot that swelled greatly from a bee sting!

    2. Oh & she’s not itching them! So that’s good –

      Me & the little now have a great list of remedies to try: plantain, oatmeal, egg whites, honey, chamomile tea… I will gladly beautify with her!!

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