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So we’re on Facebook now.  I finally joined but then quickly realized that I really didn’t have many friends…that I knew by first and last name.  So I hollered to Dreg, who was downstairs on the laptop, to create a page so I could at least add him as a real friend.  Thanks Lovie.  And then I hunted down Mama Taney and Samantha, our committed blog commentators, because I know that they are always there ready to support all of our all natural me web adventures and then it hit me… Hey!  There are probably lots of people who like All Natural Me dot com so I should create a page for our website!

And so there you have it Facebook fanatics – the All Natural Me Facebook Fan page – Ta-da!

Thanks so much for your support wherever we go.  We really do love to connect with you.

As Always – Much love!
Sadie from allnaturalme.com

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  1. Wow, I feel special. 🙂 I actually was mentioned in a blog! How neat! haha. Of course I’m a fan of All Natural Me on facebook! Who wouldn’t be?!

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