Fall in Love with Fiber

Who’s fiber?  What fiber?  Why me?  Why!!


Well, think about how great it is.

Fiber helps you poop for one thing, and it aids your body in getting rid of crap… you know, crap like toxins and yeah, you’re right, crap like crap.

Along with helping you keep regular with your bowel movements, fiber also helps to lower blood sugar levels, lowers the risk of heart disease and aids in weight loss.

How much do you need?

If you are a chica ~ 25 grams. If you are a chico ~ 38 grams.  And for the youngsters, add 5 grams to your child’s age.

When you start talking fiber, you’ll want to know the roughage lingo. You’ve probably already heard that there are 2 kinds of fiber: insoluble and soluble.  Okay great, so here is the difference:

Insoluble fiber doesn’t break down and helps to promote regularity.

Soluble fiber partially dissolves with water to create a laxative effect and helps prevent the absorption of cholesterol in bloodstream.  They both help with blood sugar levels by slowing the metabolism of food, which is good – it keeps you balanced!

Hooray for fiber as it speeds up the movement of your waste through your 30 foot intestinal tract!!  It helps remove toxins from digestion, cleans the intestines and gets the crap out of there!

Fiber.  It’s some good shit.

Now that you’re a fiber fan, check out “Fiber: Start Roughing It!” by the Harvard School of Public Health. It dives deeper into the benefits of increasing your fiber intake and lists food sources for soluble and insoluble fiber! Wow.  Don’t have too much fun!

Fiber….Isn’t it dreamy?

NOTE: This post originally was published on March 18, 2008 but I felt that a blog post of this high quality shit NEEDED to be shared again!!

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