Farm Jamma Lamma 2012

The kids & I spent a fun afternoon at the farm – eating ice cream, getting sprayed by the fire hose, watching all the hula hoopers & even a knife juggler! And don’t forget, the music!

Thanks FarmJammaLamma!

The kids found an old grinding stone to make pointy things on & we also spent some time being crafty under the communal CREATE Brookville pop-up pavilion (thanks for taking me in guys after mine crashed and burned, twice)




Great idea to have a hula hoop workshop for the kids & I was loving all the Littles who turned my doodles into works of art !!





And, a concert blog post would not be complete without an attempted photo of the stage – but – all I mostly captured were – butts.

Ha. That gave me a giggle. 20120707-173614.jpg

Good god, smirking makes me look old… Let your laughs out woman!!

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