Farmgirl Goddess at Heart

Farmgirl is a condition of the heart… a lovely saying from Mary Jane’s Farm and an idea easily embraced.   I also agree with them when they say that it doesn’t matter WHERE you live but HOW you live.


My mama friend gave me a stack of Mary Jane’s Farm magazines to check out and I’ve been LOVING the inspiration. Really REALLY good stuff.


Good reminders, ideas, heart talk, sisterhood support and oh my, anything that inspires me to draw a goddess again is a very good thing for me indeed. We all appreciate a nudge in the direction of staying connected with ourselves, our earth, our creativity, our community… and, our farmgirl-ness.


In this particular issue, I’ve been drooling over the idea of making homemade sourdough bread. Now that we’ve completely laid-off our gluten-free quest, and are eating wheat again, I really should get back to baking the good stuff. And it sounds like creating your own starter with sourdough is the best way to go because you will be using natural yeasts from the air instead of one manufactured strain.


Oh my oh yes, I need to do this ~ and for the love ~ I really need one of those cast iron pots with a lid!!


Delicious inspiration on every page of that magazine ~ Farmgirl Sisterhood at its best.


And I think about all the farmgirls I’m blessed to know, and the appreciation flows.


5 Replies to “Farmgirl Goddess at Heart”

  1. I love Mary Jane’s Farm magazines as well. 🙂
    I home-make all our bread as well….although I haven’t ventured toward sourdough..yet. I have every intention of doing so, though! 🙂 Best of luck to you on your quest!

    And we have a dutch oven (“cast iron pot with a lid”) and it is really great to cook in….we love using it when we have fires out-of-doors! 🙂 I completely recommend one! 🙂 I also love our cast iron skillets…nothing is better to cook in, in my opinion!

    Hope you are enjoying your week!

  2. hahaha ~ tooo ca-ute!!

    I just sent out an email heavy with the smiley faces & noticed it too (so now this is sooo funny to me) ~ but what better way to infuse a happy vibe 🙂 than with some happy faces 🙂


    🙂 Sadie

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