Feel Your Boobies and Balls

Tips on Natural Breast Health:

Did you know that breastfeeding for over 6 months GREATLY reduces a mother’s risk of breast cancer? It also decreases the chance of ovarian and uterine cancer as well. That’s a great perk for choosing to naturally nurse our wee ones. Thank You Mother Nature!

If you’d like more information supporting ninny milk, “Breastfeeding for Dummies” tells it like it is with an honest approach on the many health benefits of breastfeeding.

Not yet a milk maid?  You can still take care of you by asking yourself:

Are you doing your self breast exam monthly?

Breast exams are one thing that probably does not make it on the Daily To-Do list – am I right? And even if you want to, maybe the printed information at the clinic isn’t helpful enough. Honestly, what is up with those poorly drawn sketches to clearly illustrate an effective exam. Visit The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for an accurate video instructions on SBE.

Recognizing what a lump could feel like is important.  Next time you find yourself at a health fair and they have a breast cancer awareness table that has a display breast with lumps planted in it, be sure to feel it up.  I’m serious!  For your health, find out the difference between a cyst and a lymph.  Some lumpiness belongs there and some signal trouble.  Get to know your tits.  Feel your boobies!

Come on ladies, bond with the twins on a regular basis so you can be aware of any changes that may signal a doctor appointment.  I suppose we shouldn’t just limit this advice to females.  Although breast cancer in MEN is rare it can happen.

Speaking of men, you guys need to know your bodies too.

Hell yeah you guys!  You now have a healthy reason to fondle yourself.  But there’s actually a specific way fellas.  The instructions for a monthly Testicular Self Examination seem pretty easy to follow, so no need to sweat in taking care of the jewels.

tn48.jpg All Natural Me Wants to Know – When is the last time you felt yourself up?

5 Replies to “Feel Your Boobies and Balls”

  1. I just had my boobies felt up last week! No lumps for me! Yay! haha. Of course it was my doctor who did the feeling up. 🙂

    I had a large lump in my breast a few years ago, I was terrified. Of course cancer was the first thought I had. I had it taken out, and the doc said it wasn’t cancerous, but it was better to take it out anyway. 🙂 I’m thankful everyday that it wasn’t cancer.

    Haha, this blog reminds me of that song Tom Green came out with awhile ago about feeling your balls for lumps. 😛

  2. Ok, so the pervert in me just HAS to note the fun a couple (?) can make out of mutual health-check-ups here! 😛 ha ha ha. Who better to notice odd little lumps than your lover, right??
    I completely agree with the personal check-ups and knowing your own body. However, that said, I REFUSE to have a mammogram! At least not a standard one. They make them now where it is like getting an ultrasound, THAT I will do. But, 1) being a big breasted mama, traditional mammograms are less likely to be completely accurate & 2) the most blatant truth of it all – I’m just not willing to subject myself to something that causes so many women pain (even if it is for a good cause) when there is a less painful alternative.
    (And, for the record, I did have an aunt – though not a blood relative – die of breast cancer, so no flaming me please, I VERY much believe in the importance of early cancer indentification!!)

    1. It is really important to note that mammograms can actually increase the risk of cancer in some cases. There is a plethora of information on the www that explains this in detail. You have to evaluate your own personal risks before making the decision to have traditional mammograms performed. There is always an increased risk of cancer when your body is exposed to radiation, and that is the main concern for most opponents of mammography. Luckily, now we have digital imaging which can help detect cancer without that radiation risk!

      And as Mama Taney says, there is a pretty sizable margin for error in traditional mammograms. My mother recently experienced a scare when the technician applied to much pressure during the imaging session, making an area of overlapping tissue which cause my mother’s mammogram to have a false positive.

  3. Thanks for raising awareness about the need for self testicular exams. Self exams are important for both women and men. After all, who knows your body better than yourself?

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