Food Waste Reduction Challenge

Food Waste Reduction Challenge - February 2009

Don’t waste your food!

Crunchy Chicken is challenging you to reduce your food waste. An awesome goal to help save energy, reduce methane gas in landfills and quit looking like an A-hole to starving children.

Seriously.  We need to lessen the amount of food that ends up in the compost and trash.

An easy way to reduce the amount of food you toss out, is to eat it up before it expires.  Keep track of what is happening in your cupboards man!

And utilize your freezer – When those bananas are turning super ripe, throw those buggers in your ice chest until banana bread baking day.

Waste not.

tn48All Natural Me Wants to Know –

How do you reduce your food waste?

2 Replies to “Food Waste Reduction Challenge”

  1. We’ve managed to reduce our food waste by just cooking different foods. After our youngest was born I got into a routine of cooking a lot of one-dish meals. This has eliminated a lot of our leftovers right there. Plus, Justin and I tend to eat leftovers for lunch instead of preparing something “new” .. and then smaller, leftover amounts we feed to the kids as a little meal for them. Also, we tend to make bigger batches of food when cooking, that way the leftovers we have can be frozen and then used for a quick-fix meal later.
    Whatever does end up needing to be tossed gets fed to the guinea pigs or chickens first, so I don’t really feel like it is just getting “tossed.” It helps supplement their food needs, so it is beneficial and not really a waste.

  2. We have been following the challenge. Mrs Dirty Boots has been writing about how we do each week. We are getting quite good but I wish she would stop telling me off in public just because of one apple!

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