Free Printable List: 10 Things I LOVE about

Now seriously, if you can take a piece of blank paper a number from 1 to 10 – you don’t actually need this printable!

But I personally, need a little nudge!  So I created a printable list, with a nice bold title, along with a place to write the subject line, and the numbers listed ready to go 🙂

Put on your gratitude pants & appreciation glasses and make some AbrahamHicks inspired Lists of Positive Aspects!!


Because it improves your energy and vibration. And makes you feel good. AND, by focusing on the traits of things that please you – you bring out the best in people, things, and experiences.

If you have a tendency to complain and would like to stop, you have to train yourself to appreciate and this is a great exercise to do that!

So, you can write a list of positive aspects for a specific person, a group of people, a place, and animal, a color, or anything else you can think of!  You can LOVE on anything – and eventually, everything.

Think of it as a “10 things I love about this” kind of list!

And actually… I think I will make a printable titled exactly that as well!!

Step One:  Print out your numbered list


Step two: Choose the topic of appreciation

Step three: Write down 10 positive things about it

Step four: Reread & Feel the Appreciation & LOVE

So to recap:  Print out or number your paper, Pick a topic, And then let the genuine gratitude roll!!

Write 10 things you love about…

Your kids
your dog
your house
your friends
your mother
your job
your knitting project
your fascination with Tiffany Blue
your body
your favorite show or place or music
the lunch you just ate
and for the love of God,
your husband.

Think Positive

Feel Positive

BE Positive

10 things i love

Here are the links to Print Your Freebies!!

Positive Aspects List

10 things i love list

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