Funky Feet

Nice weather is here and everyone wants to ditch the socks.

Good – air those piggies out, I know mine are begging for attention. Make time to pretty up those gators who’ve been neglected all winter and do some maintenance like cutting back your claws, sanding down your inch thick callouses and digging out the funky goop hiding under your nails. Your sandals will appreciate it.

Then grab a friend for some deluxe funky feet pampering!

D.I.Y. Minty Lime Pedicure – Soak & Scrub

Soak Recipe

Add the following to a basin filled with warm water:

* 1/2 cup sea salts
* 3 slices lime
* 5-10 fresh mint leaves
* 5 drops of essential oil of Lime

Scrub Recipe

3 limes – quarter them and pulse pieces to a chunky pulp in a blender
Place lime pulp into a small bowl and add:

* 2-3 Tablespoons of white sugar
* 1 Tablespoon of sweet almond oil
* 13 fresh mint leaves (chopped)
* 5 drops of essential oil of Lime

Minty Lime Pedicure Directions

1. Soak each foot for 5-10 minutes in the basin.
2. Apply scrub with circular movements around your foot, ankle & calf.
3. Rinse scrub and remove with a cloth.
4. Dry with a towel and apply your favorite all natural lotion.

All done.¬† Wiggle your pretty piggies and sing this little piggy went to market… You are ready to run around barefoot.

3 Replies to “Funky Feet”

  1. Another great thing to add to a foot bath to rejuvenate tired feet: a couple drops of peppermint oil!! Don’t use too much, as it can irritate skin, but just a couple drops will have you ready to kick up your feet and boogy on!
    Also – for a yummy skin scrub: don’t toss your coffee grounds once you’ve brewed your java – mix them with some olive oil (approx. 1/4 cup coffee grounds & a couple tablespoons olive oil) & rub on your skin in nice circular motions. Rinse off & enjoy your fresh, summer-ready skin!

  2. I always use raw sugar. I find it has a much better effect than the white: since it isn’t ground as finely it will have more effect for exfoliation! ūüôā

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