GARBAGE! The Revolution Starts at Home

GARBAGE! The Revolution Starts at Home


Has anyone seen this documentary? It seems like it would be very entertaining.

I often wonder out loud what would people do if they had to be immediately responsible for ALL the waste they created? I’ll be the first one to declare, I’m glad we don’t have to! But what a wake up call it would be for everyone, along with instant change in the way we live and consume.

Please visit to see how you can host a screening, get involved and even submit some videos of your own.

tn48.jpg All Natural Me Wants to Know – What do you do to create LESS waste?

2 Replies to “GARBAGE! The Revolution Starts at Home”

  1. I bring bags with me to stores when I run my errands. After I get home and unload my goodies the bags go right back into the car so it makes it easier to remember.
    After seeing how much waste comes from drink boxes in all four of my childrens lunch boxes I bought them each a thermas that we fill up daily. We also use snack cups instead of plastic baggies in their lunch pails as well.

  2. We try to use as little new things as possible also. We take our own bags, try to buy as many things as possible that have the least amount of packaging, and use SIGG bottles for drinks. We realized we put out easily 1/2 the amount of trash as our neighbors!!
    Waste not, want not!

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