Gardening – First Asparagus

Whoo hoo! Look what’s shot up over night!!

It’s great having a yummy vegetable grow in the yard – I feel like a real farmer!!




So, help me out here – we put in the asparagus plant last year… Are we supposed to wait a year before we harvest it? I feel like there is something that has to be said about asparagus – feel free to clue me in 🙂

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  1. Looks great. I have started some Mary Washington Asparagus seeds, but they haven’t germinated yet…I heard it can take quite awhile that way; most people start with crowns.
    I’m still trying to figure out where I am going to plant them once they do arrive.

    I have done some searching online about this, and from what I can tell you want them to grow out to ferns and then cut them back once they turn yellow in the winter. Here is some more info I found on Grit that might be useful. Please keep me informed about what you come to find out.

    “A spear of asparagus can grow 10 inches in a single day. You’ll have the urge to pick those tender green shoots almost as soon as they appear; don’t. Resist the temptation for one, two, even three years after planting, depending on the vigor of the plant. Remember you are harvesting part of the plant, not the fruit. Shoots eventually grow into the fern, which provides energy to develop a healthy crown and strong root system. Harvesting too soon will result in a weak plant.

    The second or third year after planting the crowns, begin harvesting. Harvest usually lasts for about six to seven weeks in spring and early summer. Spears ready to pick are usually between 8 and 10 inches tall and with the tips still tightly closed. Contrary to popular belief, the larger diameter spears are of better quality and most tender. “Whips” – or the smaller diameter spears – are tougher because most of asparagus’ fiber is contained in the skin. When the number and diameter of the spears ready to pick decreases considerably, the crown is starting to show signs of stress and harvest season is done.” (PG 4)

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  2. Oh Thank you Mindi!!

    I just planted the crowns last year – so dang! I shouldn’t eat this guy!!

    Thanks for confirming this 😉

  3. hey sadie!! looks like you got the right info (and it’s waaaaay late…), but i wanted to say hi anyway! yes, def don’t pick anything the first year it grows. the second year, you may harvest a few spears here and there, but it’s important to let the root system develop into a strong and healthy support system. the third year you may pick most of the spears.
    anyway. hope you guys are doing well! and enjoying this lovely spring.

  4. Great to hear from you mama!!

    I did leave them alone but boy – they sure looked good enough to eat!!

    Spring is good here! Enjoy y

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