Gifts from My Mama Friend :: sweet bliss apron

This summer, I received one of the best gifts from my favorite online mama friend, Elizabeth Ashley of Natural Mama, Natural Child


The sweetest apron from SewDezi Aprons!!




Out of the blue sweetness ~ I was so tickled! And as the Universe has it sometimes, it actually arrived during a week when I really needed a pick me up. It was the week before my hernia surgery I don’t think I mentioned on the blog here, and needless to say – my generally non-invasive natural ass was totally! freaking! out!!

What a fun distraction for me to have some new threads to prance and work around in! The first time I wore the apron, it stayed on me for 3 days straight – gardening, kitchen work & finally, it made it’s debut with Sadie the Cleaning Lady and helped me clean offices. Yes, for the record, cleaning ladies are much more efficient if wearing a cute apron!

Mama goddess friend Elizabeth Ashley – I love this so much! Thank you!!


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