Give Me Love Bliss Free Be


A little new years doodle really needed to take place.  It’s one thing to talk of slowing down, focusing and taking time to feel creative and another to insist it to happen.  Seriously, every day – insist it to happen in your life!   Find something that zones you into zen & chills out your brain for a bit – something to focus intently on, while slowing & regulating your breathing.

Some ideas:  drawing, doodling, painting, knitting, kneading bread, taking pictures of the world around you, yoga, meditating, listening to music lying down with eyes closed, soaking in a hot bath, stretching, staring into space blankly while drooling – whatever works for you!  Just find ways to be peaceful & still… every day.

Make it top priority to connect with the peace inside of you.

Wishing you lots of Love – Bliss – and the Freedom to just Be in the New Year!!

~ Sadie

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