Give Thanks

Be Thankful.

Not just for all the food you ate today, but all the blessings you have in your life.  Now it’s no secret that I am a fan of “The Secret” – you know, the good ol’ law of attraction – like be thankful for what you have in your life and more good will come to you.  You know this right?

Here is an excerpt from the Secret Scroll email I received today. It’ll getcha rolling on the gratitude train!

Thank You Thursday

“Today is Thank You Thursday. Today and every Thursday is your day to say and feel “Thank you” in as many ways as you can.

Write a list of all the people and events you want to give thanks for.

Return thanks today to those who have done things for you.

As you walk say “Thank you” in your mind with each step you take.

As you drive, make each time you stop your cue to say “Thank you.”

At various times in the day, think and feel “Thank you” inside you seven times in a row.

Look for every opportunity to say “Thank you” to other people, and say it with so much meaning that the person looks right at you.

Thank your way through every Thursday, and make “Thank you” your predominant thought, feeling, and words of the day.

“Thank you” – two words, inconceivable potential power, and all they need is you to put the power into them by expressing them.

Thank you!”

From The Secret Daily Teachings

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