Giveaway – MittiHeal Natural Wound Care Powder

I can’t even tell ya how many different stages of gross a boo-boo goes through – but there’s a lot of scab diversity, especially with a kid picker!
20120918-120348.jpg(why do kids pick so much anyways!?)


As timed passed & mother continued to offer reminders to leave it alone & we used MittiHeal to help the body heal…


By golly, it did heal!

And today, sitting here harassing the kid to focus on his math work, the skin looks pretty good!


Considering how deep the wound was & that it was infected, I’m pleased with the healing time and happy I had a product to use specifically for it.

Now, to hook up one All Natural Me Fan with a box of MittiHeal for their healing. You definitely want this for a natural medicine cabinet, and you can always order it from  And remember, MittiHeal is very easy to use!  See my post on that – HERE!



I can’t wait to ship this to you. Here’s how to enter – JUST COMMENT 🙂 All that extra stuff just gets you extra entries… don’t do it unless you REALLY want to win! And yes, you may tweet every day for extra chances to win! Good Luck!!

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4 Replies to “Giveaway – MittiHeal Natural Wound Care Powder”

  1. This one is new to me. I’d love to try it. The worst wound I’ve had to work with was before my herbal savvy…it was a deeply skinned knee on a new kindergartener. Put a damper on her first days in school. It oozed and festered for weeks before it finally began to clear up. The scars are still there 17 years later!

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