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My bookshelves are bursting with good reads to share & pass along. To enter this giveaway, comment below with a favorite skin tip or remedy that you love.

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Thanks! Good luck & I’m excited to share this book 🙂 winner to be announced on the new moon August 17, 2012 right here in this post!

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4 Replies to “Giveaway – Smart medicine for your skin”

  1. Nothing beats a candle lit hot bath with Epsom salts and Sweet Almond oil. Put on some Patsy Cline in the back ground and you’ve got an evening that will sooth, relax, and hydrate the mind, body and soul. When I emerge from on of these baths I feel like I radiate the beautiful Goddess that I am, and my skin is actually moisturized that parts not just in my head lol

    1. I’m so excited to be giving you this book !

      Having a new moon week myself (anyone else feel edgy??) I am going to have to have myself a Patsy Cline salt bath 🙂

      Great idea!!

      1. SWEET!!!!!!!!! Thank-you!!!!!!

        New moons don’t usually affect me, but this month I think it’s doing me some good =) I had a couple of wonderful outings this week (totally out of the norm as I’ve become quite the hermit) and they should/normally would have caused wicked flair-ups but didn’t. And more then that my body is getting ready for its cycle and always makes me hurt so bad and completely exhausted – on top of my outings – I should be miserable but I’m feeling pretty good (knock on wood)!!!

        One of my outings – and afternoon at the beach with girlfriends and their kids – reminded me that I know a couple of tips for sunburns. I couldn’t tell you how long it’s been since I burned to the point of pain, and it’s still a little touchy after 6 days. When I was little my Mom would always put Noxzema cream on my burns and I remember it hurting/stinging but I don’t remember if it was the cream or my burns being touched lol Smelled good though. Also, vinegar was a standby when my Mom was growing up and would help the burn tan nicely – I can’t stand the smell of it and never tried it until this week and found that it didn’t sting and actually helped lessen the pain a little. Then I learned that lavender oil is great for sunburns, it rebalances the skins ph balance (like vinegar) and helps heal the skin and reduce the pain.

        Hurrah to summer fun LOL

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