Global Warming Mind Maps


What a teaser with the cut off picture!

Don’t worry, you can see the rest of this picture plus ALL 10 Mind Maps here.

I stumbled up this fabulous website by Jane Genovese called that has these great Mind Maps and also a Free E-Book on global warming solutions.

Way to completely rock Jane!

I also heard about 51 Ways to Save the Earth by but I have to admit, I was sorta turned off by their first way which was using corn for fuel (Ethanol). Seems silly to waste food for gas when there’s a much better way like the french fry grease option. Without a doubt, I would absolutely do my part in eating more organic french fries for the sake of fuel production. Anyways, if anyone makes it past #11, let me know if the save the earth tips got any better.

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  1. How cute! I love these little Mind Maps! These would be great to use for teaching little kids about global warming and what impact we all have on the planet. ūüôā

  2. The map is really great!! But I have to point out two things: 1)GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!! wasn’t listed on there. That’s a HUGE way you can make a difference. Start a community garden, grow your own (organically, of course)! and 2)Eat less Meat: yes and no. Eat less industrial meat. Grass-fed and pasture-raised meat (raised organically) isn’t really that bad on the environment. It can be good for it. Yes, it may mean eating less meat (we buy ours in bulk, directly from the farm), but all meat isn’t bad.

    1. Yeah, that’s true about growing your own veggies. Good point! Eating organic meat is great, but it still takes a lot to raise those animals, and the methane from the cows “cutting the cheese”(no point intended) does take a toll on the Earth. lol

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