Grand Opening of Etsy Shop

All Natural Me has an official presence on

Take a minute and check it out!

There’s really great stuff and, as a bonus,
I make really great faces in the pictures.


No doubt, Sadie definitely looks better as a cartoon comic.

Visit for upcycled tote bags, handmade envelopes, recycled crayons and other fabulously re-purposed items. Thanks so much!

We appreciate your support!

12 Replies to “Grand Opening of Etsy Shop”

  1. Lovin’ the goofy expression – looks like you’re just done with all the papparazzi following you everywhere, clamoring for your photo!!! Great bags, do you make them yourself?

  2. Why I did make those bags all by myself –
    Thanks so much for the complimentos!

    The awful thing about that goofy face is, that I catch myself making it a lot!

    It’s horrible! I could be a pretty girl if I’d just stop squinting and snarling…

    1. That’s awesome! If I had some patience and talent I would definitely make bags out of anything I have. haha. But kudos on the cool bags! I love the one you sent me, I’m still using it as my purse!

  3. I just bought your Goddess Messenger bag! I just started school again, so I need something to carry my books. Does it fit a laptop?

    1. Yeah it should – but it’s not padded, so no swinging it around your head between classes. 🙂 I will have to toss in an extra gift for being our first Etsy order!! Woohooo!

      We just got an All Natural Me car magnet in – If you don’t have anything against the words kick ass and hell, I’ll throw that in too. >-)

      Thanks Sam!!!

  4. That’s awesome that you make the bags yourself!! I’m lovin’ the one you’re carrying there. Tres chic! 🙂 Will have to go check out the car magnets. I just got my new car and I’m already missing my “Kinky for Governor – Why the Hell Not” sticker! 😛 ha ha ha

  5. Hey Sadie,
    I haven’t been able to find the Car Magnet on the Etsy shop. Am I missing it? LOVE your upcycled envelopes though!! AWESOME! What do you use for glue?

    1. I just use your generic type glue stick and that works pretty well. For the flap, I use Lick ‘n Stick that dries and just needs licked or remoistened to close. I’ve been using handmade envies for a long time and sometimes end up putting a little tape on the sides to reinforce before mailing. The postal service can be a little rough.

      I don’t think the car magnets will be making an appearance in the etsy shop – pretty sure the magnets are laminated with stuff we would be embarrassed to be associated with 🙂 but I do have a couple magnets saved for future top commentators. What do you think mama – will we see you at the top again? Even if Sam doesn’t give up her reign, I’ll have to make sure you get one!

      Much love!

      1. I used to love making envelopes when I was little, but my mama always told me that I couldn’t really mail things in them .. little did she know!! 😛 So, naturally, I’m head over heels for your upcycled envelopes.
        As for the car magnets: retailing is a bitch isn’t it? ha ha – Seriously though: I had a free Big Lick-Green Drinks t-shirt made from a company I’ve previously worked with. On one hand it was AWESOME to have the tee, on the other, it wasn’t a green & eco-friendly tee so it seemed a little hypocritical or something. Same thing with our magnets: they aren’t green. But if I knock the reigning comment queen off her throne again (Saying that with love Sam!! <3 🙂 hee hee) I’ll send you one, Sadie, when I get your address.

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