Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal


Every day, feel appreciation for the things your heart is most grateful.

In your Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal,

Write five things every day that you’re thankful for.

Enjoy your bliss!









Are you ready to start a Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal? It’s so easy, any journal or collection of papers will work for you to record your daily list of 5 things that made your heart sing, be glad & offer thanks to the universe. Include the people you love, inspire you, events, things, moments that warmed your heart or expanded you spiritually.

Sit down to write & close your eyes…. let you heart be heard. Think about things that truly make you happy and relish in the bliss that is offered. Allow yourself to manifest more good things to be in your experience. Create the life that you love by seeing the positive, being grateful for what is and appreciating the moment… All the moments.

I promise you – your Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal will be your most favorite collection of works. They’re YOUR works! It will be a book of beauty, reflection, growth and filled with love.


2 Replies to “Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal”

  1. It is one of my most valued possessions and one of the greatest gifts. Taking that time to stop, be still with myself, and write it down… Perfect. The act of writing is magic in itself. To write in a gifted Goddess gratitude journal reminds me of a huge gratitude… For sister mama Goddess friends who inspire me daily in so many ways. Sending you much love, mama. Thank you for all you do. You are an inspirational goddess in so many ways!

  2. Mama ~ Thank YOU so much – you know I feel the same towards you!!

    Writing down my gratitude is the best habit I could make everyday – because there will be a few days, ahem, when I do not make the time and WOW, what tragedy to not capture those moments. It really does make a difference within me – when I make a conscious effort to look for the good in my life and focus on the positive. My heart definitely prefers to sing blessings!

    Much much love!!

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