Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal for a Mama Friend


Every day… there must at least be 5 things that you love, that you appreciate and make your heart sing.

Write them down on focused paper, relish in the inner loving, swim in that feeling.


Create a book from your heart, a book that sings gratitude, that captures your bliss.

A Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal is just that.

A place to recognize the splendor, the grace, the giving, the receiving, and the beauty that flows within you.

There is so much of it, every day, and it is so nice to take some time, sit down and be conscious of the moments.

The moments are yours ~ and when you have a book filled with nothing but bliss, you will be amazed at the collection. It may just be your most cherished book. And for certain, it will be an amazing reference, if perhaps, you are looking for a lift.


This special goddess & journal are traveling to a friend ~



With lots of love, appreciation and good energy…


Much Metta Mama!!




~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


And she got it!!


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