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    I shared these lovely words:

    My inspiration…

    For the past year, I have relished writing in my Gratitude Journal, where I simply list 5 things that I am Thankful for…

    It has been an incredible journey for me.

    I really feel that when we connect with gratitude, we connect with good energy, and thus – we come from a better place which allows us to serve ourselves and our children in an amazing way.

    So, Thinking that every Mama should entertain a Gratitude Journal that speaks to her and her inner goddess ~ I’ve stitched up woolen totes to hold your journals while you swim in your bliss.

    They each have a goddess appliqué, unique just like you, to remind you that YOU are truly divine. Remember to connect with that.

    They would also be good for holding your lip balm and maybe a pen ūüôā

    I haven’t listed these YET in my Etsy, but I did a video show ‘n tell:

    Sadie from

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