Gratitude Letters to My Kids

I’ve been writing letters to my children. Over the last four years, I’ve actually written and filled an entire journal book full of them.


It may have started as an alternative to scrapbooking or as an “in case I croak” type of thing. It is definitely a “because I won’t remember jack squat when I’m a little old lady” type of thing!

It’s the little things that happen during the day that can easily be forgotten as Time passes. And looking at the dates of some of the entries, I know that a chunk of time can sneak by very quickly!


I thank you little ones – I thank you for the things you do, the things you say, and the things that we will all want to remember.




Dear Littles,

These letters of gratitude are for you. I hope you enjoy hearing about all the things you are doing, saying & becoming. You are my world & I love you all so much!!

Love from Mama Bear


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