Green Golf Game

Here’s a eco-friendly golf online game that encourages recycling. I think it’s a great message to not litter on the greens, or anywhere!

It would be great for the living fairways to not only keep their golf courses litter free but also pesticide free! Keep chemicals out of all lawns, both commercial and residential. No chemicals here, so get on with your putt putt!
Putt It Away!  Minimise waste, maximise profit ... play game now!

After a few virtual swings, think about how one could green up their game. Hmmmm? How could we make the sport Eco-golfing?

Besides seeking out an organic golf course, as you may have to travel to Canada or Australia to find a certified one, any golf master could take the course on foot instead of using a golf cart. That would be eco savvy and earn a hole in one for energy saving. Other ideas are using biodegradable tees and recycled plastic or water soluble balls. That would cool too!

Find an Eco-Friendly Golf Course and Become a Green Golfer with Audubon!


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