Green Hour for Kids

Brrrr!!  Are you still remembering to get the kids outside even as the weather becomes less than desirable? continues to do a great job inspiring parents to get their nature-deficient little ones to reconnect with Mother Nature.

The activity this week is to create a Nature Table in your home and you can check out the snazzy little widget below to see what’s current on the Green Hour Blog.

5 Replies to “Green Hour for Kids”

  1. What a great idea! That’s what I can’t stand, kids and parents who rather watch tv or play videogames than go outside. Who can honestly pass up the chance for a good hike or snowball fight?

  2. I love Green Hour and have been a fan of their site (& efforts) for a while!! Why waste a gorgeous day indoors watching kiddy movies when you can send the kids outside to play and fix yourself a cocktail?? ha ha, just kidding.
    That’s one of the fun parts of having chickens for us – we have to go outside every day to check on them, collect eggs and so on. The kids get to be involved and outdoors. We’ve also been trying to get involved with our local KIVA group. Life doesn’t stop just because the temperature drops!

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