Green Mall in Syracuse


Thinking green in Syracuse, New York.

Since we were in the area, Dreg & I skipped off with the kids to the Carousel Center which is a very big GREEN mall that yes, actually does have a full size carousel inside for you to ride. With all the comforts of commercialism abound, this shopping center has stepped up to be a leader in eco-friendly ways. They are 100% powered by green energy. It’s almost like responsible shopping… except you’re still probably buying lots of stuff you don’t really need.c

How fun for us to see green slogans posted everywhere along with recycling bins, no smoking signs, lots of green foliage and windows to utilize natural light. The green mall even rewards treehuggers with special parking spaces for energy efficient cars.

picture-154.jpg picture-158.jpg picture-159.jpg picture-160.jpg picture-161.jpg picture-163.jpg picture-164.jpg

Anyone up for a Rated “G” movie? Kudos to Destiny USA for their green work in Syracuse!


5 Replies to “Green Mall in Syracuse”

  1. I didn’t know that The Carousel Center made such fabulous green ungrades! If only every large shopping center would follow in their “footprints”

  2. How cool!! I couldn’t agree with you more JessBrown, I wish more malls would follow in their footprints here. Might actually make me WANT to go to a mall again – right now I avoid them at all costs! 😛

    1. Haha. Oh yeah, I hate the mall.. but if we had one like this one I know where to waste all my money. 😛 I might have to take a ride to Syracuse.

      1. Ok, so maybe it is a GOOD thing that the malls here are your traditional, commercial ugh-malls!! If we had a nice greenie mall I would be WAY to tempted to go buy stuff.
        Hard to remember that one part of the three ‘R’s — REDUCE!!!! ;P

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