Green Taxes Can Make You Smile

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Spring is here – Hooray!

Warm weather puts me in such a good mood. This morning when I awoke to some black bear vandalism on the back porch, I didn’t even mind that the furry little f’er knocked over the gardening shelf, upset the compost and completely busted the new bird feeder. I just felt happy that the bear had fun and smiled as I cleaned up the mess. Then, since I was on such a jolly roll, I went over to my lazy neighbors and picked up all the litter in their yard, as it truly is my favorite springtime thing to do.

What’s your least favorite thing to do in the spring?

I bet it has something to do with the IRS. Yes, filing those taxes is a drag, even with the sun shining. Our new Naturally Us Comic offers a great suggestion how the IRS can become more green.
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Now enough of the fun stuff, April 15th is only days away so get on your taxes. Remember that lots of tax incentives are available for the green folk who made their home more energy efficient. Credits are also available to buyers of hybrid gasoline-electric, diesel, battery-electric, alternative fuel, and fuel cell vehicles. More info…

Have fun today!

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