Green Up Your Cooking

Amazing how there are little green tips to eco-friendly-ize everything, things that go even beyond the standard choose reusable & always recycle it mind set – a philosophy that we of course, all love.


Here are a few more ways to save energy in your kitchen & green up your cooking:

#1 ~ Boil Better!  Put a lid on that pot.  It keeps the heat & energy from escaping.

#2 ~ Pick the Right Pot!  Don’t go bigger than needed, it just uses more energy to heat up.

#3 ~ Keep Oven Door Closed!  Only peek if you really need to because the temperature drops every time, making the appliance work harder to heat back up again.

#4 ~ Pack Your Freezer Full!  Yep, fill ‘er up – it’ll work better & use less energy. Buy lots of fresh berries & veggies at the farmers market and freeze the bulk.

Sadie shamelessly shopped at Wally World last week & grabbed several packages of the bogo baby spinach sale and then tossed the triple washed and ready to enjoy greens right into the freezer when she got home.

Now there’s frozen spinach ready & waiting to get included in the next smoothie, soup or veggie omlet. 

#5 ~ Unpluggables.  You know them – small appliances, coffee maker, mixers, radios, LIGHTS – unplug & turn them off when you leave.

Easy & effective ways to lower your energy usage.

Go You!!



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