Green Your… [fill in the blank]

What pops into your head? I typed in soap.

Green Your

You can be way more adventurous than me and type in anything! Cars, toothpaste, batteries, beer, cleaning, gardening, feminine hygiene, condoms… You can learn how to green everything!

Green Your….. [then fill in the blank my friend]

I spotted this fun website over at the geeky good green space at who of course, gave a solid and thorough review including an invitation to all the Green Your [blank] Smarty Pants to participate and share their Eco-knowledge and contribute to the website. Very cool.

If this Eco-geeky girl didn’t have so many time restraints and commitment issues, I would definitely participate.  But until I clear those up, I think I’ll go type in soap again.

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  1. thanks for the positive feedback, allnaturalme! we also have a suggestion box for people to let us know which other topics they think the site should cover… and new and improved functionality (like an rss feed with facts tips and products).. let us know what you like and what you would like to see next!

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